Friday, 25 November 2016

081. Fun with the dort - expanding the Orks...

Back again, this time showing where I'm at with those Ork reinforcements I mentioned last time.   
Again, the kidlett jumped on the chance to ‘help’ me so we started a dad-daughter build week where we’d clip and clean and build a couple of figures each night before bed.  She likes clipping anything really so I set her up with blank sprue (I took all the parts of a sprue before giving her the empty frame) and then she chopped it into pieces for ‘her pile’ (she was totally supervised and sat through multiple lectures on how to safely handle the plastic cutters).  She’s also ‘helped’ rummage around in my bits boxes and pull out all the ‘shiny’ bits she thought I’d need – basically any metal bit irrespective of faction.
We've settled in for a batch painting marathon running up to the New Year - or so we hope
After all was built and primed we got on with the business of ‘batch painting’ the not quite 50 odd models I have left in my Ork horde that aren’t yet painted.  My hobby goal for the remainder of the year is to finish them all so my Ork army is fully painted (excluding a FW Kill Krusha Tank).  
The Dort concentrating on basing the models - Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown drybrush, Bleached Bone final drybrush
She was half decent, though could do with a better grip on the brush
The Dorts pile of 'completed' bases
The kidlett was super excited to help again and so I set her up with her own brush (an old beat up drybrush) and carefully measured out paint and she helped apply all the drybrushed colour stages on the base, as well as the metal tone layer (Bronze), drybrush (Boltgun Metal), chipping (Mithril Silver) and wash (Devlan Mud).  Aside from being overzealous with the Bleached Bone on a few of the bases, she handled the ‘messy’ stage of painting the O really well.  
Explaining why she needs more metallic paint, and why my 'light touch' approach is naff
Tinny Tin base coats
Boltgun Metal drybrush with Mithril Silver sponge treatment for variety ready for the Devlan Mud all over wash
We sat down and talked about it afterward and she knows she won’t be able to help me with the cleaner/fiddly bits that follow (skin, details etc) but she is keen to keep painting as we do more of my ‘toys’.
Starting the 'red' phase - this is where the Dort stepped away (for now)
Bringing in the white spot and checks
I cant unsee F1 Chequered flags after one of the lads in my group commented on how he views the checks on the swords/axes
I’ve since gotten all the red armour completed, as well as added white spot detail and the checks, and this week managed to get the green base colour down on all the skin ready for layering up and highlights. 
Green base coat going down on the skin - this is where things get tedious through the layer/wash/highlight phase across 50 models
 Cheers all,



  1. So nice to see. I'm not letting my dortaz loose on my toys ! I was flicking through Kastrel Novem last night and it occurred to me that my two do behave like little orkz. Oh well.

    1. She's a canny little thing but she needs watching - her interest is exciting to watch but I can also see trouble ahead if she gets into the hobby room without supervision.

      Kastorel Novem is one of the better IA's and is a nice look at the Orks outside of the GW Codices.

  2. I remember my son at around 2 1/2 in my hobby room unsupervised. I came home from work and wife was... doing something or other - opened the door to my study only to find ALL of my projects spread out on the floor and him and our then puppy gleefully pulling apart (Chewing in the dog's case) a good chunk of my precious hard work!

    1. That is my fear. I've caught her a few times picking up the if miniature. Particularly the ones she's "built". She's fairly cluey though about what might happen if she did something like that when she's knows she's not meant to.