Friday, 2 December 2016

084. Warhound Titan - restarting a work in progress...

I found myself on a cheeky half day from work today, with quite nice weather, an interest to paint, but no interest in continuing to wade through the horde of Orks. Big D from my local group suggested after I mentioned hitting a period of waning painting mojo that I pick something completely different and paint that through.  A palette cleanser as it were.  At the time he mentioned it I simply picked out the Boss Zagstruk mini and worked the full way through the skin stage on him.  Still, while that worked at the time, it didn't work when I was lounging around on a lazy Friday arvo looking for something to do hobbywise.
Started work on my Warhound Titan - name to be determined - suggestions welcome
I've had my Warhound now for five years, and aside from building it, and over the years roughly marking in the steel metallics, and starting an on again/off again sequence of painting what I had planned as brass trim, it's done not much but languish on my shelf.  I've been determined to do something about it, but I've always been put off with the thought of messing it up.  Well, no more I said to myself.  After tackling Horus and not fluffing it, I thought I'd make a start on this.  I've got no plans to finish it immediately - rather I plan to revisit it on and off over the next few months to push it along, getting some paint down around other projects.  One of the local clubs is talking about running a big Apocalypse game in late February next year so I'm aiming to have a majority of this guy done by then.  Ray's also working on his Titan at the same time - a Chaos Warhound which he is now in the process of converting to a Genestealer Cult one - I'll nudge him to see if he'll put a post over on his blog about it.
Masked off the interior and placed a grey base down to build the blue from
So today I pulled the Titan down from the shelves of shame and wandered down to the back shed where my trusty cheap airbrush resides (one of those bargain basement jobs that come with a compressor setup).  I'd previously undercoated the Titan in black, as is my wont, and today had plans to get the blue carapace colour down.  From previous experience I'd learned that my Vallejo Air blues tend to get a tad on the purple side if applied straight over the black, so my first task was to tape of the internals which I'd previously completed (although I plan on revisiting these part of the Titan down the track as they are not up to my current level) and put down a layer of grey - in this case the old GW Base colour Adeptus Battlegrey.  The idea was the grey would give a nice neutral colour for the blue to build from.  Although it's not clear in the photos, the grey is not uniform, rather leaving darker (near clear primer) showing around the recesses, as well as having tonal variation across the plates.  The intention here is to allow for pre-shading, as well as assist in getting a marbled effect like FW do with their Titans.
Armour panels with the pre-blue base coat of grey - you can see where I had previously started putting brass down - this will now go towards a brighter yellow gold when I start on the trim again as it will go better against the dark blue tone I settled on
Setting the grey base was a good idea as it gave me a sketch of what was to come so it was easier to visualise how I wanted the end result
Next I put down a couple of light coats of Model Air Dark Sea Blue (71087), again not getting uniform coverage and staying away from hitting the deepest/darkest recesses.  I built up a second layer of Model Air Blue (71004) following the same approach, and then a random spray of Game Ink Blue (72088).  Although these are all intended for the airbrush, I found my old beat up brush struggled to get the paint out in a consistent fashion, so I ended up adding a touch of thinner to each colour and bumping my PSI.
First layer of blue down over the grey
You can almost see how the blue has not been applied uniformly - thats intentional
At this stage the colour was getting to where I wanted it but there wasn't enough tonal variation so I went back in with a sporadic spray of Model Air Blue Angel (71090) and then a secondary highlight later of Model Air French Blue (71088).  This got me near what I envisaged in my mind without being too bright or light.  It was here that I stopped and gave the plates a gloss coat with the intention of adding a blue/black ink wash around detail/edges/recesses to tone back the shadows.  
After inking - the subtle mottling effect is visible on the upper carapace plate
I now need to work out a masking pattern across the top carapace plate, the shin plates and potentially the shoulder/engine plates, so I can mask off, and with the aid of chipping medium, work up some weathered grey/white tones.  At this stage I'm not sure if I'll do simple quartering, checks or stripes, so am looking on the net for some inspiration.  I'm leaning towards a white stripe running down the centre line of the carapace and continued down the head armour plate centreline, with white diagonal stripes coming from the shoulder/engine plates towards the top plate (if that makes sense) or alternatively just white and blue checks on the shoulder/engine covers.  I'd then do the Legio Astorum moon/eclipse ( or a variation for a 'like' Legio) on the each side of the top carapace (in the blank space above the Mechanicum symbol), and quarter the right (bare) shin plate, with one quarter being checked in blue/white, and the other being solid white carrying a design of some sort; and halving the left shin plate white/blue.

After the gloss coat and in direct sun making it look super bright and shiny
A better representation of the final colour (pre-oil wash) - the subtle mottling is visible on the upper carapace armour
I'm quite chuffed how that worked today so now I need to see how this oil wash comes off and then start planning the masking.  I'll probably try to do the oil wash over the weekend and then leave it for a bit while I get some more work done on the Orks.  As i said at the start, this will be a come and go project for me for the next few months, or until I finish the Orks off and have a clear desk again!

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  1. I either did not know or had forgotten that you had one of these !

    You need to pick one which isn't one which I or Siph Horridus already have. There's loads to choose from in IA6 or IA7....

    1. The design I have settled on (from future posts - timey-wimey) is suitably different from both your efforts - plus I lack yellow on mine!

      I may have posted about this once prior as a snap shot on an alternate take I had commenced but not finished - I'm sure I had also posted on my older blog (now porn riddled - apparently if you let a blog lapse porn bots take over it) when I went by my original Blogger handle - Rogue Pom.

  2. Had considered picking up the Chaos one off of a reliable Chinese fellow some years ago, but sense prevailed and I instead paid the heating bill and car payment, thereby saving my marriage. At least for that month.

    That is a deep rich cadmium blue. i like it very much.

    1. Yes - when you find a good alternate source it is far too easy to let your 'wants' outweigh your 'sense' unless the missus is on hand to knock some more sense into you. I love the Chaos takes on both the Warhound and Reaver, as well as the Chaos Knight. I've looked at how to bolster my Lost and Damned (my longer term Chaos project) and thought long and hard about adding a Titan class vehicle - but think I'll go the cheaper route of a Plague Hulk and looted Macharius and Malcador tanks.

      I am really happy with how the blue came out. The original blue I put down about 4 years ago was flat and devoid of interest. The mottled blue I achieved this time (really subtle and not picked up in the gloss photos), particularly following the later oil wash stage, really has more tonal character to it.