Thursday, 8 December 2016

086. WIP Warhound Titan - masking results...

With the Titan prepped for the next armour steps, I managed to get some free time from the missus while she and the kidlett made the house more festive for xmas, to get out in the shed and use the airbrush to lay down some grey/whites.

I started by putting down a layer of AK Interactive chipping medium with a view to weathering the white top layer if the mood took me after seeing the end result.  I then went straight onto my first grey colour, again using the old base colour, Adeptus Battle Grey.  Like last time I didn't put down a solid colour, instead aiming for tonal variation using the blue patterning already present.
First base grey layer on the engine plates
And the shine plate
The circle is repeated on the other side
And the head cowl - I also sprayed the interior where there is some detailing
Next I moved onto a layer of the old Fortress Grey and again went for a mottled layer rather than solid colour.
Fortress grey is a great base colour I found to help the Skull White pop
The final colour was a mix of 75/25 Skull White and Fortress Grey, again aiming for a non-uniform application, although by this stage the layering built up was more opaque than I had intended.
The Fortress Grey/Skull White mix on the shoulders
The head cowl
The inner detail on the head cowl - I'll work these up as lights/monitors to match the other cockpit detail
I managed to get quite a lot of overspray across the top carapace
The shine guard
I left the other side of this plate solid blue
After that had all had sufficient time to dry it was time to pull back the tape and see how much bleed through I had.  there was surprisingly little, although I couldn't say the same for light misting/overspray.  I scratched my head for a while thinking how to clean that up without resorting to painting over it with blue, and then came onto the idea of using theVallejo Airbrush cleaner on a brush and a toothpick - it worked well, with the gloss layer I had finished with last time protecting the underlying blue.
The question is, do I chip this or not!?
The shoulder plates look great I think
There's not a huge amount of white on the cowl, but the Eagle and Skull, as well as the armour trim will add plenty of other visual interest
I'm quite chuffed with this, but am a little bit torn with the idea of chipping the white, mainly on the shin plate and engine cowling.  Also whether to leave the circles as moons with celestial glow (ie non-uniform circles) where I have space to apply a decal or design, or stick with the idea of an inner black circle representing an eclipse event and run additional white lines in compass points to represent solar flare.  Any thoughts appreciated.
Mocked up - right hand profile - the shin plate makes me think of our local police force logo
And the left hand view - like the head cowl, the top plate will get more visual interest once the armour trim is completed, the top eagle, and I decide what to do with the circles
Its straight back into the Orks next - I need to crack on with those to hit my hobby deadline of end of year completion.

Cheers all,



  1. Very nice. At first I thought the shoulders had too much white, but once that top armour is in place in works really well. Does kind of look like the 40k version of a police dog!

    1. Yeah - Now I've drawn the link to the local Police signs I can't unsee it!

      I agree the shoulders looked way too white before I put the top piece on - it makes me glad I didn't go through with the white stripe down the centreline of the model as well.

  2. Looking fantastic, man - keep up the great work!

  3. She does look great - how many of these do your state police actually have then ?

    1. Ha. Wouldn't that be a laugh. Although the K9 squad could do with some bolstering....

  4. Really like that effect. A masking genius in our midst!

    1. Thank-you kindly. Not bad for a first effort if i do say so myself

  5. Great work on the warhound! I quite like the blue and white color scheme. I would be tempted to weather and chip most of the model. I feel such a warmachine would rarely be in pristine condition, particularly in terms of the paint.

    Great job with the masking too, I imagine it must have been tricky to align all of the stripes evenly...

    Good luck with the orks too! The year's end is drawing near...

    1. Cheers Adam. The progress on the Orks has really slowed to a crawl. I think the 50 miniature target was overly ambitious. The skin stage is proving tedious. I might finish that part using the batch approach and then revert to smaller mini batches for the next steps. 31 December is still my goal and I'll have more time once my leave from work starts but I've been seeing the target slip away a bit this past week.