Saturday, 10 December 2016

087. WIP Warhound Titan - weathering white...

This is meant to be about Orks but I got eager and settled on weathering the white I laid down last time out; so, for those of you following along at home - this is what the plates looked like after I went over them with a bit of water to re-activate the chipping medium and a toothpick and old hard bristle tooth brush.  
I'm really loving the look of this shin plate - it makes me wish I'd used the other blank one for the other leg so I could have done another set of designs on that one
A small Ad Mech cog completes the shin guard on the inner side - it is level with the base of the plate, which is on a lean here giving the sense its off-kilter
I also added a few Ad Mech and Imperial Guard decals (from the Ad Mech Start Collecting Bundle and the old Baneblade sheet).  The Ad mech ones went on like a charm, although looking at one on the left side of the top carapace, I've put it on upside down if the tiny skulls are anything to go by (they are small enough not to be obvious!).  The Baneblade ones were terrible, being old and brittle.  I tore the first eagle I put on the left side, so replaced it with a miscellaneous symbol which had an Ad Mech vibe.  I then tore the second of that symbol when I went to put it on the right side, so ended up using the spare eagle, which also almost tore.  There was much cursing to be had at that time.  
Bloody decals were a nightmare - this symbol was meant to be an eagle - ho hum
And this one was meant to be a mirror symbol to the one above until I tore it - blasted things
After another light gloss coat to seal everything in place, everything looks good and the Titan is now ready to go onto the next stage - starting the armour trim!  But definitely after some Orks...
I'm also loving the shoulder stripes - well chuffed with this- minimal effort but lots of oomph to the overall visuals.
Cheers all,



  1. Very nice. I was surprised to see the pseudo roman thunder symbol "upside down". But it does sort of work.

    The chipping is great !

  2. Ha. Is that what it is? It was on the Baneblade sheet. I thought it looked quite Orky. I definitely think the chipping was the right way to go.

  3. Beautiful work, man! That's looking fantastic!

  4. O that's rather good indeed mate. The chipped effects are spot on.