Thursday, 15 December 2016

088. WIP Orks - just kidding - more Titan WIP...

So those Orks I'm working on....Yep....They aren't moving forward at all!  I've gotten to the stage where they have all had the green base coat applied, as well as a wash and first layer.  And then I got distracted by my Titan again.
Really struggling to push on with the mass of Orks.  I think I'll be reverting to smaller sub-groups once I get this skin stage out of the way.
So instead of the Orks, I've worked on the two shin plates for the Warhound.  The first has the checkerboard patterning already put on it so only needed its trim doing.  Gold over blue doesnt work, so I started out by putting down a layer of the old Snakebite Leather. This served as a great base for the first gold layer of the old Shining Gold.  I then layered on the old Burnished Gold.  The result was a quite bright colour, with a nice varied tone to it as a result of the Snakebite Leather layer not being opaque over the blue, and the golds also not being opaque colours.  this unintentionally provided tonal variation which is a nice surprise.  I finished it off by washing aroudnthe rivets and such with Vallejo Game Colour Wash Sepia Shade (73.200).  Finally, I went in for a spot/edge highlight of Burnished Gold and the old Mithril Silver.
Quite chuffed with how this is looking
The bright gold goes off really well (to my eyes) against the blue
The other shin plate had embossed detailing to work up.  An earlier iteration of this plate had the eagle also in gold, but with the gold trim, it was way too much.  This time out I settled on a stone look so started from the old foundation paint Adeptus Battle Grey, and worked up through the old Codex Grey and Fortress Grey, with final line edging and 'marbling' of Fortress Grey and Skull White.  It looks decent enough until the plate is put next to the other one where the checks appear a brighter grey/white.  it makes me wonder if I should take the whole Eagle up another layer to make it brighter to match the checks from the other side.
I'm debating taking the eagle up to a brighter level to match the checks from the other plate
The scroll I did with a mix of old foundation paints Charadon Granite, Khemri brown and Dheneb Stone, as well as a wash of my mix-bag brown (various shades from GW and Vallejo mixed into the dregs of a pot of the old Devlan Mud).  I've also picked a faux-latin name care of various latin-English dictionaries - Varico Mors (Striding Death).  The name is done in black but doesn't stand out very well so I'm thinking of going back in and lightening it up with a bone or white colour.
Quite happy with how the scrollwork came out
The lettering is really struggling to stand out on the stone background - may need a think
After the gold banding was applied the whole plate looks the goods.  The only part of it not done is the rear.  Most of that part is hidden from view but you do see bits around the edges.  I'm not sure if I should leave it black, do it a dark grey or dark steel (for bare Ceramite/Adamantium), or do it gold (ie carry the trim over the rear edge).

The worry I currently have is my paint collection is all the old colour systems.  I'm hoping I'm going to have enough in these pots to spread over the whole of the the trim and not run out before the end!  I don't fancy shelling out $6 a pot on the new range, only to find I can't get the tone to match.

I have nearly five weeks leave starting Thursday and have the whole of Friday to myself with the Dort at my mums and the missus at work.  The aim is to really push ahrd with the Orks to get some traction going agin and push them home for the end of year deadline I set myself.

Cheers all,



  1. That's looking great! I think the tonal difference between the stone eagle and white checks is cool, and helps the eagle stand out as a different material from the painted-on checks. Good luck with the Ork horde as well!

    1. Cheers Mord - I think you and Z are right about using it as an example of another material against the metal of the armour and the paint of the checks.

      I got back t the Orks last night and got the next skin layer done on half of them. Its so tempting just to cut steps but then I'd always regret the end result so I'm just going to stick at it and grind my way through.

  2. I like the eagle being a different colour. I think it looks good as a stone bas relief on top of the ceramite armour plate.

    1. Thanks Z - I think you and Mord are onto something with that erception and its swung it for me not to make any changes to it.

  3. Replies
    1. Well, more like 4 and a half. The office has a weeks public service shut down at this time of year, and I save up my annual to take in bulk. I've done the same for the last 12 years as my time to recharge the batteries and catch up on things. Now having the Dort its even more appealing.

  4. Really like the way you are tackling this and the stone-coloured eagle really stands out nicely against the blue/white.

    1. Thanks Dai. Hope you've had a good Christmas break so far.

      Unfortunately, the weather has not been conducive to painting the last week or so, with a heat wave settling in and us copping some humid weather that moved down from the top half of the country to boot. I dont cope in heat, and my air conditioner doesn't cope with humidity. So neither my Orks nor my Titan have pushed much further. And the weathers done funny things to my current painted state, the humidity appears to have reactivated the washes I used on the Orks and now they are all tacky/damp - very very strange.