Saturday, 7 January 2017

090. It's so hot - slow WIP update on Orks...

The weather is not co-operating.  We're back at our third day above 38 degrees (Celcius) which means painting is a challenge for two reasons - the horrible heat, and my evaporative air conditioner just not being up to it after three days, seemingly now only being able to push warm, moist air around the house.  None of that is conducive to painting, particularly with the back room where I hobby being one of the warmest parts of the house.  
WIP Storm Boys - I love the little Gretchin riding on the packs!
Yesterday, while the Dort napped and I perused the blog roll, I decided it wasn't tenable to attempt to compete the Orks in one hot as I had been trying to do.  Mord over at Mordian 7th is renowned for busting out huge armies in next to no time with an efficient batch painting process.  Even he recognised on one of his latest posts that anything above 20 minis is too hard to push through.  I totally agree with that sentiment after trying to move all 50 odd Orks forward together - I just couldn't get through each stage in the same session and ended up coming and going on various parts to progress.  not seeing the group progress put a downer on my painting mojo.   Instead, I've decided to split the horde up and tackle it in sub-groups, larger than I normally attempt (I usually work on no more than 4 at a time), but smaller than 10 in the main.  I settled on six groups in the end, derived mainly by the type of Ork unit each belonged to:
- a group of nine Boys
- a second group of nine Boys
- a group of nine Shootas
- the five Burnas
- the five Lootas
- the five Storm Boys and characters - Zagstrukk, Warboss, dying Nob, Nob and Rokkit and Big Shoota
Boys Group One
Boys Group 2
Burnas and Lootas
In essence, that last group has been split further into Storm Boys and not.  I started on that group last night, working on the leather bomber jackets, fur trim and caps on the Storm Boys, which also crossed over onto the fur trim on the Warboss' back, and laying the base brown down on the straps and such on the not-Storm Boys in the group.
Storm Boys and characters
If I focus on getting each sub-group completed rather than the whole, then I should get more traction in each painting session, as well as consistency within each group, with slight variation across the horde which is always visually interesting.  I'll also be alternating Boys with the more interesting Lootas and Burnas so I don't end up painting 27 Boys on the trot - that way leads to madness and apathy!

I understand the US (or parts of it at least) are copping a snow storm, at the same time we're having our heat wave - I know I'd prefer the cold to the heat.  Here's hoping wherever you're based you are having fun wth the hobby.

Cheers all,



  1. Good idea on breaking that horde up into smaller chunks. That is far too many minis to get through in each painting sesh without going completely bonkers. What you have done is looking good so far though dude

  2. Good stuff, man! Breaking them up into similar models definitely saves on sanity and helps on speed. As you'd mentioned, I'd gladly trade you temps, it was -19°F yesterday morning. I like the cold weather but there are limits. Hah! Keep up the great work!

    1. Ha. You lot and your foreign temperatures!

      Cheers Mord

  3. And back here in the land of your forefathers it's oscillating between -6 and +4 (real numbers, not that daft "farenheight" malarky that no sane person can understand) two or three times a week, which you can imagine is a little vexing for those of us who have to live in it.

    obtw, good idea breaking a large project up into bite sized chunks. ....said the expert.

    1. Yeah. It's the temperature settings that drive me bonkers. We had rain last night. After a high if 41 it does to 24 then rained. Now its back to muggy.

      Can't go wrong following the maestros of large forces.

    2. Swings not settings, of 41 not if 41 and drops not does! Damn predictive text. I should have learned to use the pc to comment, not the phone.

    3. And last night in mainland Europe, minus forty something in Russia and Greece is under about 4' of snow, all of it, not just the mountains. For which I might venture they might not be prepared for....

      Get us ! chatting about the weather in a wargmaing blog. This is what'd gett me chucked off the forums...

    4. Haha - what's it all come too then lad. We had a change of weather today down to a lovely (if slightly on the muggy side) 28 degrees. -40 is absolutely mental! Good luck to any bugger having to be outside in that kind of weather.

  4. Most recently I did a batch of 20 beserkers and it just became soul destroying. HOW MUCH TRIM DO I DO NOW? Smaller batches are defo the way forwards!

    1. That much trim would do my head in without a break.

  5. Cats and dogs where I'm at in Northern California. Though if you drive a mere 2 hours up into the hills/mountains then it's a blizzard! Regardless, we get 40 degree summers here and it sucks balls. Thankfully it's a pretty dry heat, so my painting opportunities don't take that much of a hit.

    I barely have the patience or will to paint more than 5 minis at a time. Just soul crushing to me to attempt more. All credit to ya matey.

    1. Yeah - South Australia is normlaly touted as the driest state in the driest continent - however due to odd weather patterns we copped some of the Northern Territories wet season humidity. I can normally manage if its just hot.

      Traditionally I stuck to 4 or 5 at a time. This was an attempt to push a whole years worth through in one hit as a December/Xmas Leave challenge to myself. Unfortunately other things distracted me although I had gotten off to a decent start - it all bogs down when it got to the smaller detail stage where you have to pick out parts around other parts and dry brushing the whole model wont work! It did push the mass forward so now it should be quicker working in the sub groups.