Sunday, 22 January 2017

092. Something old, something new - Finished Storm boys, WIP Custodes - Ave Imperator!

The day prior to my throw down with ray, I managed to knock off the last bits on the Storm Boys I'd been pushing about for the last little bit.  Quite pleased in particular with how the leather skull caps and bomber jackets came out.  They had dragged on (together with the others in that massive group I'd tried pushing through) for a while but then were surprisingly quick to finish off - being mainly a tidy up job taking care of the over paint from earlier steps.
Boss Zagstrukk and the Storm Boys - needs another 10 Boys to make a proper mob!

If you remember back a few posts I flagged how I had broken the 50 odd Orks I was working on into sub groups.  In the Storm Boy group was the spare Warboss and a Nob and Big Shoota and Rokkit Boy.  Those are still underway and themselves are near done.  A concerted push after work this week should see them tidied up and finished.

The next WIP Orks to be finished - hopefully this week
Being tired of seeing green, I looked for something else to cleanse my palette with.  The Titan beckoned; however, my stock of gold paint is running perilously low, seeing they'd be near 15 years old, they've suffered a touch from drying out over the years.  The Titan trim will require a fair bit of gold, and I didn't like my chances of getting half way through, running out of the colours I had and finding a suitably matching tone in the new GW range, or the Vallejo range I've been switching over too for the last 5 years.  Taking stock of my paint station showed that a fair few of my core colours are at the end of their lives/running low; as are my brushes.  A refresh across the board may be in order sometime this year.

While I didn't have enough paint to feel comfortable pushing the Titan forward, I judged I would have enough to be able to get a start on the Custodes I previewed at the start of the year/end of last.  After getting comfortable using my old cheapy airbrush set up prior to Christmas working on the Titan, I figured I'd have a crack at getting the base colours down using it, so I duly trotted off to the back shed with my paints and thinners.

I started off as always with my Vallejo black primer, and then hit the models from about a 45-degree angle with a Tamiya white spray for a bit of pre-shading.

My palette cleansers between the constant horde of Orks - Sisters of Silence and the Legio Custodes
Having learned with the Titan that gold is a tricky colour to get a nice consistency with over black, I then gave the models a coat of the old Snakebite Leather (another paint that's nearly done!).

Now sporting Snakebite Leather - perfect pre-layer prior to applying the metallics
I then branched out and gave the Sisters of Silence a coat of Vallejo Game Colour Brassy brass (72058) which came out as a great contrast in the end to the Custodes.
Brassy ladies - I really love this colour - this and Tinny Tin are my favourite metallics ever
The Custodes were given a goat of the old Shining Gold, and finally a layer of the brighter Burnished Gold.  This was super bright and perky!
Custodes in their Shining Gold - first layer of metallics
Super shiny in their Burnished Gold
The rest of the unit in their bling-state
I only have the old range of washes, and the pigments in them have started to 'chunk up' a bit, as well I have only the dregs left in most of them.  I do have a good range of choice of the Vallejo ones; although I haven't been as big a fan of their washes (or their metallics to be honest) compared to GW's.  Duncan Rhodes (of Warhammer TV fame) washed his Custodes with the new flesh tone shade when he did the 'how to' video.  I trialed the Vallejo Game Colour Wash Fleshtone Shade (73.204) on one of the shields and eagle standard but it was too red for my taste and gave the gold a rose gold look which I wasn't a fan of.  Instead, I tried the Game Colour Wash Sepia Shade (73.200) which gave the gold an older/darker gold tone.  Interestingly my old GW Gryphonne Sepia is more of a yellow tone compared to the Vallejo one which ended up more to the brown shade than yellow.
And now with wash - Sepia has toned that shine right down.  I'll go back in with the Burnished Gold, and finish the gold off with a Burnished/Mithril Silver blend highlight.
Quite happy with the current state of both Sisters and Custodes.  After seeing a few different sets of these painted now, I've thought that for mine I'll look to introduce some white (built up from a blue-grey base), silver and reds onto the Custodes, and some whites and reds (built up from purple base) on the Sisters.  As I mentioned above, before I tackle any white and reds, I'll be popping into my local GW to peruse their paint and stock up on the new iterations of the old colours I've been running with to date.  While I begrudge the $6/$9 price per pot (the $9 is on the new line of metallics - crazy! - by comparison a Vallejo dropper pot can normally be got for roughly $3.50 per dropper pot excluding shipping - no one stocks Vallejo locally), they are readily available near me (nothing beats being able to eyeball the colour in the pot), and have the best consistency (or at least one I'm used to) of any of the acrylic paints I've used.

The next actual step I'll tackle on both units though is to get the bases done.  I traditionally do my bases first, then the models, as I don't like dry brushing bases around completed models.  That doesn't work though when I airbrush the models as I would end up with overspray onto the bases. Once the bases are complete I'll go back to focussing on one unit at a time.

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  1. Beautiful work on the Orks, man - they look great! Also really dig the gold tone for the custodes, good stuff!

  2. I especially like the Orky casualty.

    And I gotta score me some Brassy Brass...

    1. The Dort loves that casualty model too. He's been the lacklustre Warboss objective in our games.

  3. All that gold is making me feel like getting back to my necrons (because I need 5 armies on the go). I love how your painting is so processed and thoughtful where mine is.... well I painted my works the way Orks would paint Orks.

    1. Your Orks look great as they are dude - but definitely get back on your Crons!

  4. Orks look sweet! Nice to see them slowly edge closer to fully-painted.

    I use GW's current sepia on my golds. Adds some really nice depth. But agree with you, Vallejo's metallic paints are a bit pants in general. I like the Privateer Press P3 range.

    1. Cheers Dai - the Orks are down to the last 40 or so unpainted minis v 70 or so painted - and 80% of that last 40 is painted WIP. So close to the end, but thats when it starts to drag.

      I havent tried PP's paints yet - I'll have to see if theres a stockist close by.

  5. A great post - good to see your methods. I always struggle with metallics. Interesting to see that 'pre-shading', I've never seen that done before.

  6. Mate they look excellent! I like the way you attacked the gold, looking forward to seeing more.