Friday, 14 April 2017

094. WIP Nurgle Chaos Marine Kill Team...

Ray suggested we head into the re-launched 'Warhammer' Adelaide store this coming weekend to try out the new Shadow Wars (certainly not Necromunda) Armageddon and maybe have a small painting session.  Jumping at the chance to play and paint with Ray in a live hobby environment - something I haven't done since the demise of my local GW - I set about looking online for the rules and rosters/lists.
WIP Chaos Cultists - base colours blocked in and washed all over
Looking over my collection I could run a team from a number of factions.  In previous Necromunda campaigns I'd run a spec ops style Guard unit however they didn't fit nicely into the world GW has crafted for SW:A, so I sat back down and had a bit more of a think.  Orks were a top contender given I could field them straight away from my painted collection, but Ray cautioned from games he'd seen they might not be ideal for a starter game.
WIP Plague Marines - base colours blocked in and early weathering commenced
Scratching my head, I looked across the shelves of shame and spotted my Plague Marines - made from Prospero Mk3 Armour and FW Death Guard upgrades. Throw in some Chaos Cultists from the Dark Vengeance set and a Terminator Specialist from a long forgotten project, brought back up to snuff after raiding my bits box and swapping parts from the Tartaros set and FW Lord Zhufors back banner, and I had a nice little group of models to kick on with.  I have no idea yet if I can use these various models to build a viable team, but never let rules issues stop the mojo train I say, so I jumped into painting over the last couple of nights.
WIP Nurgle Terminator - pondering what colour to do the weapon casing - maybe a mustard yellow/drab
So far I have gotten main colours blocked in and some basic weathering started (more to break up the blank green that I had started with) so I could visualise more of where I was going.  The team won't be ready in time for the game but as WIP, it'll at least get to the three colour minimum.  I may try and pull one of the Marines out to work all the way through so I can at least show people what the final product should look like.  I'm aiming for a finish like on my Plague Lord and Daemon Prince, although I may look to head towards more of a mustard green in the end.  That's still up in the air.
Finished Nurgle Plague Lord from 2015 - looking to match this type of armour
Finished Nurgle Daemon Prince from 2016 - looking to match this type of armour although the armour finish is now being debated in the back of my mind
Cheers all,



  1. Like where these are going mate. Big fan of the Plague Marine kit being mixed with 30K armour.

    Hope the game is fun. Has my interest, but I'm afraid it probably hasn't got enough options available to satiate my Necromunda rpg-style appetite.

    1. Hey Dai - I got two games in, lost both but had a blast playing. Its not Necromunda, more Necro-lite, but for what it is, being the only current 'skirmish' game within the 40K-verse supported by the big GW directly (support being a loaded term in this case), it is decent.

      I wouldn't drop money on it, and think I can get by with my Necromunda rulebook and some sticky notes flagging where rules differ. The 'campaign' is light on, and the advancement is where the big falldown is compared to Necro of old, but that aside, its a neat alternate way to play 40K.

      Playing in a GW store brought back lots of happy memories, and while I dropped no cash on the game itself, I did buy some more paint as a direct result of the game as I wanted some more colour choices to finish these guys off. Without the game GW wouldn't have gotten that money from me.

      I'm now heavily motivated to crack on and finish off the killteam I started, which will then expand into finishing the units those models belong too so there's no half painted squads. Anything that gets the hobby mojo running is good in my book.

    2. Yeah it was good fun. Cheers for the games. I guess I should post up my team too....